Smooth titties, gentlemen. Smooth titties!

I really needed this weekend, and I got a lot out of it.

Friday I took off of work at ~4.  That night was spent at an old friend’s (from Louisiana) house, playing “the name game.”  In said game, you sit in a circle and say famous people’s names.  I was overwhelmingly the victor (?).

Saturday, I woke up at ~10:45 and watched “The Aviator”…

“Smooth titties, gentlemen. Smooth titties!”

… and ordered some Tut’s (middle eastern quisine) for lunch while Biddle drove to Bham for a doctor’s appointment.  I basically hung around his apt all day until the sun set and we got the night started.

Sunday, again, I slept until ~11.  Got up, leeched some files, packed up and headed back about 3:30.

It was uber-fantastic to get out of Gdale for a few days.  I was able to clear my head, and put things into perspective.  I was also able to go the entire weekend without thinking about “the girl” (except when she called on Saturday).  I was able to “calm down,” I suppose.  We just spent WAY too much time together in the last week and a half – much more than a normal girl/guy friend combo normally would, so things got a little … hmmmmmm.

Point being, I just can’t spend SO much time with her and not get addicted to her.  I know that probably sounds dumb, but thats how it seems to be — when I spend a lot of time with her, I can’t help but to need more and more and more time with her.  Its not really a problem, now.  I can be with her and things are fine; actually things are great, it seems like we always have a fantastic time.  I just can’t spend ALL my time with her, like I did last weekend.  No problems, its cut and dry.

I really needed this weekend.

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